Because there are so many bogus dating site reviews on the Web, The Dating Gurus (TDG) strive to be different by reviewing each dating site as true and honestly as possible.  As such:

  1. Review First:  We always publish dating site reviews before we form relationships with those sites.  In most cases, we do not have any relationships with the sites.
  2. Edits:  Any subsequent edits we make to reviews will only be to update information or correct errors.
  3. Contextual vs. Display Ads:  In many cases where dating sites may advertise on our site, these are contextually-placed advertisements from ad networks.  In other words, we do not choose which ads will be placed on our site; this is done automatically by the advertising network.  If we should happen to have static display ads from dating sites, we will make the relationship clear to our readers.

Advertiser Disclosure

Currently, we have the following advertising relationship set up: Google Adsense.