We're just like you.  We connected through an online dating service--OK Cupid, to be exact.  Our first date was at a fun Seattle tapas-and-sangria bar.  We fell in love.  We are engaged to be married.  We know that you, too, can find love.  Let us help you.

The Dating Site Created by Top Model Winner for Plus-Sized or BBW

Although the jury is still out on whether plus-size daters get better results from niche dating sites like, (i.e. or than they do from "traditional" online dating sites, (OkCupid, eHarmony, etc.) there are now a multitude of options. Some of them good, some of them.. not so good.

The Big and the Beautiful was the brainchild of Whitney Thompson, the 2008 winner of America's Next Top Model.

Thompson, 26, a pretty brunette, is certainly not obese, but she is heavier than the typical model. She recalls her own experiences with online dating, when she would let dates know in advance that she was a plus-sized model only to have men comment that she really wasn't that big.  Alternatively, if she informed prospective dates that she was a model, they were disappointed that she was bigger than they expected. "Either way, I wasn't what the guy was looking for," she says.

Thompson created The in December 2011. In an interview with Radar magazine, she shared the following, "I created this site so people don’t have to stress over their profile, but can focus on the fun and excitement of meeting and dating other incredible people of all shapes and sizes".

How it Works If  You're a Female (Be their guests!)

  1. Register easily:  give your email address, answer some geographical and factual questions, upload a picture.
  2. (Optional) Complete a profile with the typical dating site profile questions and categories. (Yawn)
  3. Peruse to your hearts content, send messages, IM's, do it all. No charge. Be their guest, evidently!

But something seemed off, because we knew from reading the ads and articles about the website that this wasn't a free service.Strangely, there didn't appear to be any place to sign up for a Premium membership..Even sending silly little kissy-lips or cherries with messages, or sending IM's. Since there weren't any apparent ads on the pages, we wondered where the revenue came from. We checked out the FAQ's on the website, and...nothing. So we dug further.

You Get What You Pay For

Perusing the fellas proved to be enlightening. About 95% of them had nothing filled in on their profile. Many had a picture, but no other information. Some had a profile filled out, sparsely.

We wanted to know why so few guys had real profiles. It was as if they had just registered.. and.. stopped.  So, we did what any spy wanna-be's do to get our readers the best info: we registered again as a male, and checked out all the BBW's.  Almost instantly, a tiny IM popped up with a gorgeous scantily clad woman, tempting us to read her Instant Message by "upgrading to a premium membership now".

Here's How it Works If You Are a Male:

In order to actually DO anything, and we mean anything, you need to subscribe to one of the following plans:

With a suggested pre-filled in subscription of a mere $72.45 payment, you could be up and running for 3 months. Paid memberships mean men can actually function on the website, rather than just have their face plastered up on the screen. No wonder there were so many blank profiles. The guys got to the point where they attempted to contact the BBWs, and they were stopped cold.

The pictures of the men range from a guy flipping the bird at the camera, to handsome bodybuilders, neckbeardy schlubs, and average Joes. Many blatantly asked for sex and had names like Cl-tluver., or RideMeTonight (I want to c_m over) while others were looking for their bride.

Our impression

We saw some awesome ladies mixed in with some scary ones. A few even stated right in their profiles that they smelled a rat, and wondered why they never heard back from someone they wrote to, or never received any contacts.The whole site seems rather unmonitored.

As much as we wanted to like this site, for its forward-thinking potential, you'd probably be wasting your time if you put too much energy into  Better to look at some of the other BBW niche dating sites as well as the better known websites.

TheDatingGurus Grade: D Review: "Juvenile and Demeaning"

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