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Review of  Dating Site for People 50 and Over

Review of Dating Site for People 50 and Over



Dating For The Rest Of Us

Some of our readers asked us to take another look at, since our first review several years ago. We were pleasantly surprised to find a wider member base, more features and slightly lower prices. brands itself as a "50+ Single's Network."  We're so glad that there's a site focusing on the fifty-and-older crowd, since so many online dating sites tend to shun anyone with a laugh line or two. Besides, people 50+ aren't the silver haired gran's and pop's that many of us remember from our youth: these are people who are likely to be on the bike trails and in the gym, and have successful careers. And many of them are searching for love following divorce, or loss of a spouse. 


Cost of the Service

OurTime costs nothing to join. You can set up a profile and view other members' profiles for free. But if you want to do anything beyond looking, you must become a paying member.  In other's not a free site because who wants to just look at pictures?

So, if you want to see who emailed or messaged you, want to email/message anyone yourself,or access any real features, such as favoriting, or seeing who viewed you, you'll find yourself whooshed like magic to the payment page.

Payment Plans:

  • "Best Value Plan", with a one-time payment of $75.43, which gets you six months at the rate of $12.57 per month.
  •  "Standard Plan" with a one-time payment of $63.00, which gets you six months at the rate of $10.50 per month.
  • "Full Price" one month minimum, for $20.97.

The difference between the first two is that the Best Value Plan offers a highlighted profile and message option (light blue/grey) and a few options, including allowing you to see who read your messages.

Billing and Payment: Beware

Although there are plenty--and we mean plenty--of online complaints by former  and current members about OurTime having scammy payment and billing practices, it doesn't appear to be a scam, but you do need to watch their payment policies carefully. Because so many people are looking for a customer service phone number, see below*.

  1. Your subscription will be renewed automatically. The worst part of this is that you cannot turn off automatic renewal.
  2. After your subscription is renewed, you pay the whole amount, and this amount is not refundable in any part.  So, if your subscription renews for another 6 months, you pay in full.  No exceptions. 
  3. Token packages (explained below) have the same auto-renewing issue after a 180 day period. The tokens will automatically renew unless you terminate it before the renewal date or don’t use all the tokens you purchase.

Free Registration -

What We Like

Easy to Use: Few Bells and Whistles

Some online dating sites, Blendr for example, are so much into the fun & goofy process of online dating that it gets frustrating.  You start to wonder why you can't just do something as simple as view profiles and contact someone. lets you do that with a minimum of clicking and bells & whistles. The interface is decent, and there is an option to post up to 30 photos-- but don't do it--lest you look like a narcissistic nut job.

Tokens: One feature that some people use to promote themselves is to purchase  a' la carte tokens which boost popularity by highlighting or featuring the member.  Each "session" that you wish to promote your visibility will cost you 20 tokens, which range from $.99 for 25 tokens to $10.00 for 280 tokens. Be mindful that tokens will be auto-renewed unless cancelled properly, so read the fine print and terms carefully.

Profiles of Real People

Unlike other dating sites, OurTime seems to have pictures and profiles of real people.

What We Don't Like

Babes in the Woods?

OurTime is advertised as a "50+ Singles Network,"  so why were we able to specify an age range that goes down as low as 25?

In practice, the majority of members are in the 50+ range, but there were a fair amount of younger men and women, in their 20's, 30's and 40's. Female members have complained that even on a dating site geared towards 50+, they once again find themselves competing with younger women, since many men tend to gravitate towards the youngest in any age category. We think that a dating site which advertisers its focus as 50+ should make age 50 the youngest parameter.

Another complaint from both men and women were the come-ons they received from some of the younger members who were clearly looking for either a quickie or a sugar daddy/sugar momma. We discovered a 26 year old male with the following statement on his profile, "No strings attached, no problem. Married? No problem". These kind of things are rampant on the free sites, but not expected on a site like OurTime.

Too Many Pics..but not of themselves!

We found way, way too many pictures of beaches and sunsets, or members buried in a crowd. In one case, we had to flip through 12 pictures of grandchildren and other family members before finding the member by herself!

Auto-Renewing Subscriptions 

See above.

No Customer Service phone number listed on the site

Only listing a "Contact Us" web form on the "Contacting Customer Care" page does not inspire confidence in its members or potential members.

We googled and found a couple of customer service phone numbers for the parent company, People Media.

*(888) 892-2065 or (866) 727-8920  


Summary:  Grade C+

Being people d'un certain age, we like  We didn't find the payment plans draconian; monthly prices are fair.  But we couldn't help but notice all the incomplete (non paying members) profiles, which boost the appearance of a huge member base. We'd suggest trying out a membership while also subscribing to a truly free dating site such as OkCupid.

Don't forget to set your calendar reminders to consider cancelling your auto-renewing membership PRIOR to the deadline, lest you be charged the entire amount.

Also, check out sites like Catholic Match, or FarmersOnly, which are a little calmer and less racy than some of the others.

Need some examples of well written or re-written profiles? Check these out. 


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