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Review of Dating Site for Black Singles: Soul

Review of Dating Site for Black Singles: Soul



We came across during our search for quality dating sites focusing on African-American singles.

SoulSingles is owned by parent company, which also runs a number of little-known niche dating sites such as (for Armenians), RomaniaKiss, SerbianLove, EthiopianPersonals, JamaicanDating, and SalaamLove, among others.

Although Soul Singles is small, by dating site standards, it manages to widen the member base by allowing singles to register from any country. In addition to Americans and Canadians, you'll find members from Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, and Great Britain, many of whom are hoping to find a match outside of their country. Additionally, you'll see a good number of white folks registered on the site, looking for a person of color, much like on Jdate, where they allow non-Jews, much to the chagrin of many members.

The sign up process as a free member on Soul Singles is pretty typical of many online dating sites. Answer questions about your demographics, interests, personality characteristics, and appearance, and personalize your profile with optional details, i.e, favorite actors, sports teams, music and food. Streamlined and painless. 

Is it Free Or "Free"?

SoulSingles, like most so-called "free" sites, are anything but free. Sure, it's free to sign up, but don't expect to be able to actually read or send emails, chat, search for members closer than a 150 mile radius, or specify any search criteria other than race, age, physique, family roots, or religion. SoulSingles even takes the restrictions a step further than most "free" sites, by limiting what we would consider crucial search criteria, i.e location closer than the default listing of 150 miles, educational level, politics, height, or desire for children. None of these search criteria can be accessed without becoming a Platinum member.

So what we found were a lot of random people listed, with nothing in common with our paltry search criteria. Frankly, this doesn't inspire confidence to go ahead and fork over hard earned cash.

How Much Does it Cost?

Soul Singles isn't the most expensive dating site to join, but it's certainly no bargain.

What Do The Members Think? (Is There anyone Out There?)

Strangely enough, we could find very few real reviews or feedback from members about Soul Singles. Sure, the typical biased and commission-seeking review sites give it a thumbs up, but try as we might to find some individual reviews...nothing out there that didn't reek of...phony. Even the Facebook page is devoid of real member comments, and is filled with spam, despite having close to 5000 "likes".  In fact, we wondered if many of the "likes" were from spammers who were using FB to advertise their wares, since it didn't seem like anyone was minding the store. Our suspicion is that parent company World Singles may have abandoned this ship for better seas.

What Are The Members Like?

Through a casual search from both a male and a female perspective, we were not particularly impressed. Many of the member listings within 150 miles of our metropolitan area had sparse profiles, were generally older (not a bad thing, but also not for everyone), not particularly attractive (YRMV) and not very interesting. We had to extend our search parameters to "any distance", to find a decent age range or more attractive members. It's possible that paying members (Platinum) may find more to like, but this was our experience.
Most of the members did mention a strong faith in God, so if this is important to you, then this may be a place you will feel comfortable.

Crucial Flaw

The biggest problem we ran into was that very few listed "members" were actually Platinum (paying) members, thus rendering it impossible to contact them. You can't write to them, and they can't answer you. Likely, these are folks like us who registered on a site they thought was free, only to discover that you couldn't do more than scroll through photos, and dropped the membership right there. But the site doesn't remove the "free members", thus giving the appearance of a large member base. The Platinum members have a banner on their profiles-- and they are few and far between.
We'd say, for your money, you'd do better to try one of the more mainstream dating sites like Match, eHarmony, or free site OkCupid.  Stay tuned for more reviews on African-American dating sites.
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