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Big and Beautiful?  Review of Dating Site for Plus-Size Women

There are lots of definitions for Big and Beautiful (aka plus-size), but if you consider yourself a BBW or plus-size woman, you're in the right place. If you've been hesitant to check out and register on traditional dating websites that cater to the svelte, there are a handful of online dating sites that focus on larger women and BHM (Big Handsome Men). First, though, we'd encourage you to shake off that trepidation, and check out our article on online dating tips for BBW.

Who is behind

TheDatingGurus believe that in order to make a good decision about choosing one or two dating sites to register on, it's good practice to know who runs the sites, and what their background is. In this case, the parent company is the Cupid Media Network out of Australia, who run about 30 niche (special interest populations) dating sites, including specific population targets i.e. African, Asian, European dating, as well as sites for Gay and Lesbian dating, and even religion specific. Drill down in their offerings and you will see sites for Muslim dating, Kenyan dating, Columbian and Mexican, Ukrainian and tons more. The company has been around since 2000, and boasts a total population of 30,000 members (unverified.. and probably largely simply registered, as opposed to actual paying members who are active on their sites.. read on and you'll see why).

How works:

1. Sign up through your email, choose a user name.

2. Answer simple questions about your appearance, lifestyle, body type, background/cultural values.

3. Pick a headline for your profile, and write a little about yourself and then what you are looking for in a partner.

4. Post a picture.

5. Go to "Browse" and start fine tuning your criteria based on "Advanced Search" option.

6. Click on a pic, read a profile, and write a nice little note to the man (or woman) of your dreams and prepare to live happily ever after, and---what?? SCREECH THE BRAKES!

Without warning, this is the next screen you'll see:

bbw capture pay
bbw capture pay

Though we shouldn't be surprised, we found that we couldn't send our guy an email message, since we were both, evidently, free members, entitled only to browse, but not to send. By signing up for a membership, we would be able to send and read messages. Now wouldn't it be nice if they told us this prior to spending 20 minutes of our life setting up a profile, finding a suitable pic, and composing a brilliant message?

How much does it Cost?

GOLD membership: all features except video texting and other extras.

PLATINUM membership allows video messages, highlighted profile & other extras.

1. 1 month at 24.98 gold and $29.98 platinum

2. 3 months at $16.66 gold for one payment of $49.99 ( or $20.00 per month platinum for one payment of $59.99)

3. 6 months at $12.50 gold for month for one payment of $74.98 (or $16.66 per month platinum billed in one payment of $99.98)

4. 12 months at $8.33 gold for one month for payment of 99.98 (or $10.00 per month platinum billed in one payment of $119.98)

Our Verdict?

Meh. Easy, simple to register, pretty straightforward. Put up a pic, throw a few lines in your profile, peruse. Not very fine-tunable, or unusual. Not so many members in our immediate area. One month for $25 bucks seems a bit high, but chances are you spend at least that in a month for your Starbucks. You might consider including this site in the two that you choose, but not as an exclusive choice.

Grade: B

Stay tuned for more reviews and articles on plus sized daters and dating sites.

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