We're just like you.  We connected through an online dating service--OK Cupid, to be exact.  Our first date was at a fun Seattle tapas-and-sangria bar.  We fell in love.  We are engaged to be married.  We know that you, too, can find love.  Let us help you.

OK Cupid Dating Profile Example for 45 Year-Old Woman

We pounded out a sample OK Cupid profile for a woman in her forties.  It's written from scratch but based on a pastiche of great online dating profiles we found among women in the Pacific Northwest area.  We like this profile because it has a lively, funny air--necessary to make it on OK Cupid--but doesn't devolve into being a pure yak-fest. It slyly provides a few insights into the woman's true self (she has a daughter; she has a good job but hasn't dropped her fun nature; she is positive), yet it doesn't give away the whole store for free.  It entices men to message her and explore her some more.


My Self Summary

Even on the rainiest days, I've got a spark in my eye and I can easily be convinced to drop work and play hooky.  So, even though my days of hiking Everest and K2 in one day oxygen-less are no longer, I can still be counted on for strenuous activities such as kayaking, cross-country skiing, or buying a pair of shoes at Nordstrom's annual 50% off sales event (hey - I'm a girl, you know!).

I'm a career gal, by necessity and not out of lust for the thing, but I've still got flashes of the bohemian in me, too.  I love to push the boundaries of my comfort zone.

What I'm Doing With My Life

"Doing?"  Sometimes:  not.  I'm just as happy crashing in front of Netflix with a plate of cookies as I am actually "doing" something.  I hope you are, too.

I'm Really Good At

looking at the glass all-full.

The Six Things I Could Never Do Without

The toes on my cat's paw.  Think about that one.

I Spend a Lot of Time Thinking About

Why all the guys on OK Cupid are into, like, plate-spinning and glass-blowing and forest drumming and...  I mean, don't guys ever just work on cars and drink beer anymore?

On a Typical Friday Night I Am

Not dancing to salsa music.  I might be out with some friends or chumming with my sweet 6 year-old daughter.  Or I might be huddled in a dark closet, slowly working through a pink of Chunky Monkey.  And yes, that last revelation also counts as...

The Most Private Thing I'm Willing to Admit

(See above)

You Should Message Me If

That's your decision.

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