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How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Match.Com?

If you've found yourself in the maddening position of being charged for a dating subscription to when you were certain you had only signed up for a free trial membership, or time-limited subscription, perhaps we can help save your sanity by showing you how to cancel, and at the least, educate you about how these things work so you don't make the same mistake about auto-renewal subscription plans ever again! Read our review about here.

Understanding the difference between Member and Subscriber

Before we show you the nitty-gritty of cancellation options, make sure you understand the differences between Member and Subscriber: ©


Trial membership offers vary from 2 days to 7 days, depending on the link or ad you click on, for NO COST...but be warned.. you will need to give your credit or debit card information to participate. In order to sign up for the FREE TRIAL membership,  you will be required to pick a subscription package and submit a valid credit card.

"FREE Members" will not be able to communicate with other Members. To do more than make a profile and look around, you must become a paying subscriber. Match makes things even more confusing by interchangeably using the terms "Member and Subscriber".  They do this because nincompoops like you and me get confused by these terms and conditions and the auto renewal process. Ca-ching!

**If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the Trial Subscription period, you will be billed for the package that you selected during the Trial Subscription registration process.


You can use ALL of the features, contact whomever you like, from now until eternity, and your subscription will continue to auto-renew until you cancel prior to its expiration. Even though appears to be purposely vague about how MUCH notice you need to give, make sure you give them at least a week to be on the safe side  Otherwise, you will find a bill from Match on your credit card bill for the next entire subscription cycle. Yes, we mean for another 3 or 6 months if that is the plan you chose initially. Buyer Beware!



If you have a free trial, and want to make sure you are not charged at the end of your time, you will need to resign from your subscription. To do this:

1. Go to Account Settings. 2. Click on Change/Cancel Membership link. Enter your password and follow directions to end your trial.

If you have difficulty, you can can contact Match through this  Match contact form. ONLY offers phone support as a "premium service" to their "paid, logged in, subscribing members located in the United States."  Non English-speaking Canada members and all members located outside of North America must use the contact form above. You can try using this widely published phone number, listed on 

If you are a paying member/subscriber, just use the same contact form, but keep in mind that no matter when you cancel your subscription, you will be billed until the end of the period you signed up for.  You can "hide" the profile, but you really can't delete it forever. Match keeps your data in storage for "historical and legal purposes only".



How to Cancel Your OK Cupid Membership

How to Cancel Your OK Cupid Membership

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