We're just like you.  We connected through an online dating service--OK Cupid, to be exact.  Our first date was at a fun Seattle tapas-and-sangria bar.  We fell in love.  We are engaged to be married.  We know that you, too, can find love.  Let us help you.

Dating Site Review: Farmers Only? Not Necessarily So!

Dating Site Review: Farmers Only? Not Necessarily So!

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 It's A Country Thang~ You Just Wouldn't Understand

Laugh if you will, all you "Cities are The Center of the Universe" dwellers, but this niche site is actually a thriving, successful online dating service for men and women who prefer to refer themselves as Guys and Gals. You can throw away your preconceived notions about doofy hicks, or (sadly) the Marlboro Man...these are real honest-to-goodness Americans and Canadians who simply prefer to date other country dwellers for a variety of reasons. We found that members tend to be more focused on traditional values than in finding a hottie.

How It All Began

Jerry Miller, an agricultural marketer based in Ohio started the site in 2005 as a way to connect people living in isolated areas. "When I started, it was a passion because I knew there was a need. When you talk to hundreds of people that are lonely in rural areas, it moves you," Miller said".  FarmersOnly caters not just to farmers, but also to ranchers, and those involved in an agrarian lifestyle..and not surprisingly, small town and rural dwellers who just prefer a slower and more traditional lifestyle.

FarmersOnly, which now claims over 2 million members from the US and Canada credits its rapid growth to down-to-earth people who are looking to find like-minded matches.

Hold the Hee-Haw Jokes

Members range from rural-loving city dwellers to real-life cowboys, ranch hands, and farmers. It surprised us, actually, how many non-rural members were registered with the site. Take for example, this profile narrative from a 30 year old female in Seattle:

"I may live in the city but I'm a country girl at heart! I was raised in Idaho where I trained Western horses for pleasure. I still have horses in south Everett, Wa. I'm looking for a nice country boy to call my own. I'm a great cook, love to hunt and fish, and yes I even hunt with a bow"..

Generally speaking, this niche site tends to attract singles within a broader age range than almost any other site we've reviewed. Most sites are heavy on the 20-35 year olds, and start to dwindle as you climb the 40 year old ladder.  FarmersOnly has no such issue; the 50+ crowd are as well represented as the young bucks. And, like real life, members run the gamut from buff and svelte to plump and pudgy. In other words, Walmart and Dayton's shoppers are equally represented here.

If your daily vocabulary includes the words "folks, pick up truck and hard work,” and you'd rather go winter camping or fly-fishing than jetting to Palm Springs, this might be just the spot for you.

How It Works

Free Member's Features

Like all the other paid sites we've reviewed, such as or  eHarmony, Farmers encourages potential subscribers to:

  • create a profile, look around,  search for and read profiles.
  • upload photos from your hard drive or Facebook to unlock access to the paid member's photo collections. (Cleverly, by posting a photo, guest members will receive flirts sent via email which can be read by upgrading to paid status).
  •  see who "Likes" you
  •  click the Thumbs Up or Down on those who "Like" you, thus triggering a notice to their email that they, too, have an admirer.

farmers frog

^^Psst...If you post a profile pic like this we will personally come and stick you with a pitchfork.  Men: About Those Dating Profile Pictures!  

Paid Member Features

  • full access to communicate freely
  • post unlimited photos
  • private Farm Phone Service (for an extra $5.00 monthly) which privatizes your personal phone, while allowing you to text directly to other members, or to receive emails as text messages.
  • view member's last visit date to site (see who is active)

The Cost


For less than $15.00 per month, members can subscribe for 3 months, or pay $12 monthly for a 6 month commitment. Or,  try it for a month for $23.95. Compared to other paid dating sites, we'd consider this downright awesome.


FarmersOnly is a great niche site for anyone who prefers rural living and agrarian or farming lifestyles. Its fun and technically savvy interface offer a modern online dating experience, while still appealing to folks who shun the typical sleazy or hipster dating sites.  Members here tend to have an interest in connecting with other more traditionally minded folks who aren't afraid of commitment. Our only criticism is that the reported 2 million member number seems a bit high, since many, like us, registered to look around, and never became active.



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