We're just like you.  We connected through an online dating service--OK Cupid, to be exact.  Our first date was at a fun Seattle tapas-and-sangria bar.  We fell in love.  We are engaged to be married.  We know that you, too, can find love.  Let us help you.

Dating Profile Tips For Women

Did you know that simply by making minor changes to your profile you can dramatically increase the number of men who contact you? That's right.  You don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer, either.  Here are some easy dating profile tips just for women.

1.  Go Easy on Women-Centric Activities

It's great that you crochet and dance and scrapbook while simultaneously drinking red wine and eating dark chocolate. But divulging too many activities that are classically "for women" brands you as being one dimensional.  Most guys do like their women to be women.  But if you don't demonstrate a wide range of interests, he will never view you as someone he can share time with. Don't be afraid to include other interests, i.e. refinishing furniture, bike racing, watching roller derby, or things you may want to try, such as learning about digital photography or taking a boot-camp fitness class.

2.  But Beware of Guy-Type Activities

Don't swing too far in the other direction, over-emphasizing your interest in football, riding motorcycles, hunting and monster trucks. Even if you authentically have those interests, balance out your profile by mentioning interests that men don't typically have.  Part of the reason that men and women get together is to momentarily visit this world of another gender.

3.  Less Skin, Less Sex

Of all the dating profile tips for women, this has got to be the most important.  Some women, in an attempt to catch the attention of guys, will turn up the sexual heat in their dating profile photos.

You may be tempted to insert that picture of yourself tanning on the tropical beach, showing all.  Remember... keeping a little mystery, showing a hint of what lies beneath, tantalizes those visually oriented creatures. Make them want to see more, by revealing less. (The art of the striptease remains a timeless pleasure for a reason).

You also might be tempted to hint a bit too much about sex in your profile in order to let the guys know that you aren't a prude and that you have a sensual side.  Yes, you will attract attention, but in the wrong way--it reeks heavily of desperation. Instead, let some great pictures and a profile with colorful descriptions speak for you instead.

Overly sexy: I love to give and get sensual massage on a Sunday morning.

Replace with:  A perfect Sunday morning includes drinking strong coffee in bed, dreaming about what we'll do with the rest of the day.

This hints at your location, provokes the guy to imagine himself there with you, and suggests possibilities.

By the way? Even a sexxxy profile name is a bit too much:  don't do it.

4.  Remove or Replace Negative

Look through your profile.  Track how many negative-type words the profile has.  Words like:

  • No
  • Don't
  • Can't
  • Never
  • Won't
  • Not
  • Etc...

Not just men, but anybody looking at your profile will sub-consciously begin to turn off after reading too many negatives.  If you really need to keep the negative, just turn it around so that it's phrased as a positive.

Old:  "I absolutely do not want a man who cannot be faithful to a woman..."

Translation: I have been burned and will be suspicious of you as a result, you rat.

New:  "I am looking for a faithful man..." 

Translation: Trust is essential to me.

5.  Reduce the Word Count

Most online dating profiles are far too long.  Men are visual creatures! Did you hear me?( ((Men are visual creatures)) )

They search profiles by first oogling your pictures and then scan your profile.  It does not benefit you to have 1,000 word profiles.

One great place to cut the fat is in these endless laundry lists of favorite movies, books, and music.  Two movies and a couple of books draw as good a picture of you as do twenty movies and books. Plus, these super-long all-about-me profiles make guys think you will be a chatter-box who won't let him get a word in edgewise. Try to put yourself in your audience's place and be succinct.

6. Don't Be Needy

Flower_Wolf's (name changed) FIRST sentence begins with, "Frankly, I'm a little frustrated with online dating sites. I just want to meet a nice man. Why is it so hard? I don't understand why men don't respond to an email and if they are not interested. Just send a message."

This translates to "Waahhh! No one is writing to me."

Who in their right mind would want to contact such a needy whiner?



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